RAVAN, RAM, SITA mystery solved.

Few truth things!#1.
Lakshman never meet me!

I killed him after RAM.!


Ramayan writings age is 10,000 years old.

If I kill Ram and Lakshman both..? So, where is sita?

Sita never existed..!

Sita is a future girl, and will take birth very soon..

So, next question is,
Why world fought for sita for ram against ravan..?

Answer is,
Ram and sita are brothers, today, my stats says, every girl who have brother, have fucked with their own brother..! So, why she need another man..! Lol..

What about ram sita merrage..??

Thats just brother sister merrage behind world,proof of, “humans dont care about relationships at a time of sex”..!

Lol, what next i will do..
I will punish all of them at a good price.!

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