#carefulness is important! But, #History is most important..  people who stay carefully all the times remembering history and be honest to god stay with his all the times because they know there god is fall in love only with honesty and honest people.

So, let 2,000,000,000 (half of the current women) die in a hell with there own work list and punishments! But others, rest of them will stay honest and untouched by any other than me..  only I can touch them because who else can love them better then me? #Women are to handle carefully, means very carefully, means a lot about girls.. girls, girls and girls.. no one can understand them better than me that’s a biggest fact for your living  world, now, I AM really in a mood of giving hell to bad people very badly with my arms and “spaceMagic” on them.. don’t fear, god has counted on earth taking birth after my born just because god is only one, and how could he tell you about his existence! I AM just doing what is good or what is bad..        I have many stories behind me.. like live, hate, war, winnings, losses, but not a single “compromised”.    If I die or you.. and like this I won all the space that’s exists..   now I WILL Fuck a lot everyone..!!  But not bad!   I WILL kill them..  I promise to myself.. because I even tried alot but I have no end! Why? Because I AM a start of everything that exists! So, there is 0.0% of chance of my losing..   yes!  I AM a devil, but, still virgin!

Now, more few more days for endless fucking days I guess.. let’s see..  I also have a work to make new planets for every new women also..  but, I AM very tired already, it was a very long time of winning space everywhere!  But, hey..  I still exists and I really love it..  this is my first and last body, means, immortal body.. be take care of it..  I have no death I exepted this..   lets enjoy this?


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