Where is Earth?  Yeah! I AM in it..  so, let come only here with full of my concentration and powers over here, on this “Fuckers Planet” I named it!

My creationssss ___
Ok, Anyways, lets talk about human cultivation along with 987,654,123,000 other species examining graph of development and living standards maintain with the respect of social relationships and honest to god!  Means me!  Now don’t say I could not get birth just because I look like human!  So, excuse me please.. I want say something! That “I don’t look like you, I just created you in a way.. say.. exact like me! But without powers and just lil bit of brain working system like…    0.001%use of brain. So, yes, god is always smart just because he is a god! and who is he..??   pin your thought to me”..

Thank you.

So further talking, “Respect me, but  it doesn’t means that I will ignore your bad things! Firstly, I will see it..  then, I will see how much I love you and how much gonna this hurting me, may be, I can cry, but I have to punish everything and everyone just because if I created you, then I will be responsible for everything you are doing..  so, now what!    Look, I talk naturally means in a language of disaster, diseases and directly death for hell..  but yes, I will love till the end of your total vanish! (0% of your soul and you)   Let’s talk about one more of chance giving next few time later…!


I love doing everything in control of me!   Because I want to stay happy forever, I deserve it..    I love it, good bye and thank you.!

All will love me, I am Immortal. . .


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