Every human mathematics.

1person=10innovations can do in his single life. This is the value added services after looking at the development of the humans from now, from today itself.

Don’t just get a birth and die for the same thing..    and yes, human’s brain worked just because of the use of iodine (salt) + addiction (wine, beer, weed etc) and a habitat of be in love with there land. Only this things bought humans in a class in which they are right now!    With just a difference of common sense with the language of nature. It is very slow.. why slow?  Because it’s revolving slow but never comes back to the same place for long time..  and that time (for the same place/point) is very huge depending upon the moving of all the universe around the center of the “black eater dot” (black hole is what you named it).

And another big deal is..  only PLANET OF HUMANS is live..  other many are good and can be lived in.. but, there security guards are soo much powerful so any other than me cannot even go there, they are the property of me..  let me see if I can bring some good planets around here near earth in next few years or decades I don’t know, I don’t look on that.. I just see the possibilities around the atmosphere of me..  love me nn love me..


New Space mathematics!

Last few days ago, I told nasa scientists to go 20km on mars measuring 20km to right on mars.

Stupid brains followed me and now saying nothing was found? Stupid humans, planets may go bigger or smaller but mathematics are always same like 20km on earth= *times bigger then earth*20km of my saying stupidity is the logo of human beings and you proved it..  lolz..

It’s around 2,589km exact distance on mars! I was happy because you told me we will get there very soon! That was the Excellency of humans for me but now, I know you..  you will need exact 345 days on mars to reach there according to your that 2nd instrument “selfieTaker” on mars..   now calculate and tell me how much years you need to go there according to Earth living system otherwise I WILL parcel you there without any suites and oxygen giver box on back of the human..   lol.. look at them..   “humansarethief”

Start working properly in a well updated manner you mad scientists.!

Back to work, you are humans!