Only woman can understand it:

  • Maharani = 98%.
  • Raniya = 80%.
  • Patniya = 62%.
  • Mai = 40%.
  • No sex = 20%.
  • Krishna = 10%.
  • Baki sari =0.0001%.

Respect who is greater than you, tell me if any problem occurs..

I made this ‘world’ for me and who is honest to me. And not for bad things around me, my limit is infinity, I handle millions infinity alone, after or before me is no one!

Respect this! Publish this!


Earth story.!

Yes, ofcourse!          Today, every living being that exists on this earth is may feel happy to get everything free like Air,Sun etc. but, ?..  how should I tell you about your existence means I AM confused..!!

  1. If “sita” is a first immortal woman of this Earth so where is she now?       What she did..?
  2. If there is only two living being in every speacies (for me, every speacies is on time at a time interval of 10,000 light sound goes, sound if light© is a new definition by me on this earth from today.! Spread this on my name only) so, how you all came from..  means, what should I do.? Now, I WILL not get that vagina in that way.. means you all understand, time has gone too much, so, where was I..?? I was there wining space to live my life… Because I don’t have death at all.. so, now, what..!!   Tell you after..
  3. I AM exhausted..!!          And no-one is here to heal me because if you everyone is here on this planet so what the hell you all came from…!      “Sita” got fucked..?? How..?? That’s what I AM asking you.?            One side is a land of only man and other side is a land of only women.. how we are here..!!              so,  would you like me now.!   I AM your god .! A Cretor of all..
  4. But, hang on.!         I have many things to take-give-bring over here…   I have no death..     and now, I have only this work for the rest of my life…  

    Photo credits goes to technology made by humans.. 

    What the hole this came from!.

    I got the answer..!??!